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When Planners Aren’t Planning…We’re Planning.

So, often times people wonder what we do when we’re not planning events, thinking up ideas or having a crazy scheduling session by balancing planners, iPhone’s and laptops all on one desk… And one thing we’ve been getting into recently is relocating one of our beloved planners. Her current apartment, although cute, has had some uninvited guests move in and they refuse to leave (Blek!).

So we get to play the real estate game (which…shhhh….is totally a secret hobby of mine)! I love looking around a houses and apartments and neighborhoods. I look to imagine where everything would go, what sort of dinner parties I could host with the better half, and whether the yard (because there must at least be a bit of grass for my pup) would be suitable for croquet matches in boat shoes and bermuda shorts. So we’ve been out and about every couple of days meeting with agents and land lords in hopes of getting K into a new and shwanky apartment.

We’ve seen some gems and some not so….gem worthy locations. But we aren’t disheartened. The perfect apartment (and perhaps studio!) is out there waiting for us to come home.

Coming home...

– Carson –


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