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What We’re Currently Obsessed With…

The following are at the top of our list of obsessions right now:

Photobooth Props:

Photobooths are fun, and definitely the current trend at weddings – but the props are what can truly take an awesome set of images to the next level! Get creative!

Barber Straws & Mason Jars:

Yes, these 2 items seem to the be the top summer 2011 wedding trend…and how can they not be??
Guests sipping cool lemonade out of these adorable jars makes for great pictures and memories on your special day!

Bib Necklaces:

Gone are the days of just pearls or a single diamond stud for your wedding day necklace and HELLO! to the bib necklace!
These beautiful creations are gracing the necks of the newest waves of brides as a statement necklace that doesn’t have a ‘one time wear’ tag on it!
The necklaces can be a splash of color for your special day, and then be the perfect accessory for your maxi-dress clad self on your honeymoon! Swoon!

– Carson –


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