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A Fabulous Photoshoot with D. Hill Studios

You may have noticed we have some phenomenal new photos showing up on our website & blog, and even our social media sites – well, that’s all thanks to one very special gal. We want to send out a big THANK YOU to Dee Hill at d.hill studios for shooting our photos in Santa Ana last month! We knew Dee’s sparkling personality & keen eye behind the lens would bring out the best in us. Take a peek at the magic that happened:
by: D.Hill Studios

by: D.Hill Studios

by: D.Hill Studios

And this is just a little peek at the fantastic work Dee did for us. We love all the fabulous backdrops Dee was able to produce out of our natural surroundings on the shoot. We gave her some basic concepts like using the balloons (because who doesn’t love balloons??) and having a brick wall in some of the shots, but the rest came from her. You can see more of her fabulous work on her site. You should also follow her Twitter for more updates about her work! We’re looking so forward to working with her more in the future.



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