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Redondo Beach Weekend Relaxation

wildflower cafe

On a rare occasion, the IBPC girls find ourselves getting a special Saturday to spend with our nearest and dearest. This past weekend was one of those super special weekends. We got to spend some extra special time with one of our closest friends, John. And Kathleen introduced us to one of her favorite secret brunch spots, Wildflower Cafe in Redondo Beach. Oh my gosh, there are not even words to describe the level of amazing that the food was! Wildflower Cafe

We started our amazing brunch for 3 with some banana walnut pancakes (1 for each person! haha!) and they were melt in your mouth delicious! This was immediately followed by three of the most mouth watering omelets we’ve had in a long time. We spent a good portion of the meal laughing and sharing stories with each other. Nothing makes a patio meal with your friends greater than a healthy dose of funny/embarrassing stories from high school and college. Speaking of which; here are some fun (& some hilarious) fun facts about the IBPC girls from high school.

Who We Were In High School [Better Known As The Awkward Years]:

  • Kathleen was the captain of her high school LAX team.
  • Carson’s first car was a ’94 V8 Ford Mustang…the engine blew up while she was driving it. Probably the most unsafe first car ever.
  • Kathleen convinced her AP Psychology teacher to let her class watch The Fast & The Furious because it dealt with ‘family values’….(what ever happened to Paul Walker?!)
  • Carson’s senior superlative was Best Dressed….there are days she wishes that was still true….
  • Sophomore year biology Kathleen made an animal cell diorama entirely out of jellybeans. Most delicious project ever.
  • Carson almost didn’t graduate senior year when she found out that 1 PE credit didn’t transfer from her former private school. She was the only senior in General PE that year (she then managed to convince the PE teacher to let her take Photography IV instead…).



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