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Creative Connection LA: Networking with Fellow Female Creatives

This past Saturday, I entered The Tea Exchange to experience my first meetup with Creative Connection LA. I stumbled upon this group of gals when I was surfing twitter one evening back in September. I saw all these fabulous women I follow talking about CCLA and how they’d had so much fun getting together and learning fabulous things from their fellow creatives. So I started clicking around until I found the Creative Connection group on Facebook. Talk about world’s worst timing – I came to discover we’d just missed the meetup by literally a matter of hours!! But that just meant excitement built up for the October get together.

Finally the October meetup came into view on the horizon and I purchased a ticket to meet at The Tea Exchange in Manhattan Beach. I started connecting with other women on Twitter & Facebook to see who was attending and wow, I cannot even put into words the level of fabulous these women are. Their presence and support for each other in the social media realm is amazing. And when I walked into The Tea Exchange, I saw it all brought to life. When I walked in, I was immediately greeted by the LA Chapter Hostess: Tasteful Tatters’s Emilee, who gave me a wonderful bag to hold all the business cards I’d soon be collecting from other ladies (It was like trick or treating for creatives!). After signing in, I got to admire the beautiful set up by The Vintage Table Co. & collect a fabulously inspired name tag (that looked like little tea bags!! **melt**) by the inspiring Joanna of Waterfall Creative.

The Vintage Table Co. DisplayBy Waterfall Creative

Now while this was my first chance getting to experience Creative Connection, it will definitely not be the last! It occasionally takes me a tiny push to open up, but when you meet these women, starting a conversation couldn’t be simpler. Everyone is looking to support one another regardless if they’re in a different field or not. The environment just exudes the need and desire to do a million creative things. I didn’t get the chance to talk to everyone there, but the ladies I did connect with I was glad I did. I couldn’t recommend networking groups any higher – because these are the people you will encounter in your industry, these are the people who you can turn to with questions, and these are the people who can offer advice from experiences of their own. It’s truly to wonderful to know that these women are out there.

Needless to say….we’ll be counting down the days until the November get together!

~ Carson ~


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  1. I am beyond excited to have met you!! So happy you came to our event and can’t wait to see you next month =)

  2. Hi Carson,

    Even though we only chatted for a few seconds, it was great to meet you! I hope we’ll get to connect more at future events! This was my first event too, and like you, it takes me a bit to open up, and be myself. But I’m sooo glad I went and was able to meet so many wonderful, creative women!!

    🙂 Rachel

  3. Love it! Can’t wait to see you at the next one!


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