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Here Today, Boone Tomorrow!

Halloween weekend, IBPC took an itty bitty trip to Boone, NC!  The trip started off with a star studded flight. The one & only Alan Thicke was on our flight!  Sadly, we were too far back to ask for a photo.

We headed out east to visit Carson’s alma mater, Appalachian State University, nestled in the Appalachian mountains to catch up with old friends & make some new ones.  The campus is beautiful! So many scenic views, even from classrooms. We took some photos at Canyons restaurant in Blowing Rock, on the drive up.  Whether you’re hungry or not, it’s customary to stop and take in the view.  Man, are those mountains beautiful!

view from Canyons

One of my favorite parts was the trip we took to the west side of campus to see one of The Tunnels.  This tunnel has layer upon layer of paint and graffiti (but it’s so pretty!).  There are so many colors!  It’s a place where students can come down and write a message to their classmates, do a little recreational painting, or just doodle.  Since there are so many layers, students started a tradition of peeling off a little part to stick in their pocket.

the painted tunnels, pretty!

Being able to see where Carson spent the better part of four years was great.  It was a weekend of firsts for me: first time for me in the stadium, first time seeing campus, first time eating Bojangles (ok that’s a lie, I’m addicted to their biscuits), first time tailgating on a snowy mountain top (with a group of crazy Mountaineer fans!). It snowed like crazy!  But that’s part of the mountain charm.

Overall, it was a Boone-tastic weekend! I can’t wait to go back  ; )



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