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Invitations, my dear Watson!

The importance of an invitation is paramount.  Not only does it showcase the theme of your wedding or party, but it lets everyone know how in the sam hill to get where they’re goin!

Invitations can elevate even a small get together to the next level.  We can’t rave about paper goods enough!  There’s something special about a tangible invite, it creates the feeling of a really well thought out and planned party.  Plus, snail mail always make us think, “Aw gee, someone took the time to let me know I’m special!”.  And if it’s a hand-made paper good, watch out!  We might hit the floor.  While there are great online evite companies out there (Paperless Post has some simple yet eye catching designs), they’re just not the same.  Fitting invites into your budget will get your guests buzzing about your event from the start.

“Did you see that adorable invite Jannie sent out?”

“YES!  I’m off to get my dress today. Shopping trip, awaaaay!”

We assume it would go something like that.  But let’s talk about Allison Steele and her Etsy shop, east&twelve.  Allison (“Nespy” as I knew her back in the day) is an adorable designer that I’ve known since high school — hence the catchy maiden name.   Her designs are light & contemporary, even slightly eitherial, but manly enough for any guy to proudly pass out with the use of monochromatic greys & pops of color.  You can find her paper goods at  Allison offers Save the Dates, invites, thank you cards, and customized orders – cards that are even printed with letterpress! (thud).

property of Allison Steele, east&twelveproperty of Allison Steele, east&twelve
Offering discounts on large orders & free shipping for Save the Dates over 150 ct. (now I bet you’re THANKFUL you have so many relatives) who can resist?  Etsy is also a wonderful way to support your local artists (We’ve heard they’re starving artists, get shoppin!).  Let Allison know you found her through IBPC & maybe you’ll get a little something extra!  eh? Eh?  Sounds too good to be true, right?   Lies.  Invitations are a fundemental key to your party.  Let everyone know your colors, theme, location & date in STYLE!  Even Thank You Notes don’t have to be ho-hum.  You can customize without paying a pretty penny.  It’s your day, shouldn’t it be fabulous? (we think so).

~ Kathleen ~


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