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Spending The Holidays With an Itty Bitty… Pt. 1

Since I have been living in California, I’ve kind of been missing the snow during the holiday season.  When the holidays roll around, I can’t wait to hop a plane to visit my parents & sisters back home in Indiana.  It’s a nice chance to go back to catch up with friends & family!

DTW airport tunnel

As soon as I arrive in Indiana I try & get together with my former summer camp co-workers.  I met a lovely and talented group of girls working at St. Mary’s Fine Arts Camp during the summers I was in college.  I grew really close to those girls working with them at camp (wrangling 100+ campers covered in paint will do that to people).  I can always count on them to make me smile & to get some great fashion advice!  When we all arrived back home, we grabbed a few drinks downtown at Madison Oyster Bar & since it is a big group of girls, there is a LOT of giggling.  We have been trying to start a new tradition of ice skating the next day, but this year there was no snow.  It has been too warm to even open the rink, but there’s always next year!

Oyster Bar

Rib Shack is the local BBQ place back home that just re-opened. Even if I’m not hankerin’ a pulled pork sandwich, I like to stop in for a mason jar of their delicious barbecue sauce. It’s a nice little taste of home I can bring back to LA with me (and it makes great gifts!).

I can say with confidence that I’m not exactly the most chipper individual in the morning. This is why I am so pleased to be graced with one of the best family traditions (in my opinion): opening all our presents on the night of Christmas Eve.  My family sits around the tree on the night of the 24th & takes turns opening gifts. There are chocolates, libations & Christmas songs playing the background amongst all the crackling (re: demolition) of wrapping paper.

We save the stockings from Santa the next morning. Christmas Day is spent cooking a hearty feast for our whole family.  The most unique part of my family’s Christmas tradition is the meal we have before opening gifts on Christmas Eve.  We always, no matter what, eat Mexican food.  This tradition started back in the 70’s when my parents lived in Albuquerque.  They would take the night off from working & wrapping presents to eat at a little place called Pancho’s.  Back then, they had a meal for only 99 cents! Oh how times have changed…  The legacy of tacos & guac has carried on into my household even as my parents moved around the country years later.  I’ve eaten Mexican food every Dec 24th for as long as I can remember. I love it!  Nowadays, we cook it ourselves, but it’s just as good.

No trip home can last forever though, and the land of California beckoned me home the day after Christmas…but it’s always a good feeling to get off the plane and see your partner standing at the bottom of the escalator pretending like she’s not fully engrossed in reading the Hunger Games. Especially when I can have her take me to late night Taco Bell….what can I say?

~ Kathleen ~


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