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Spending The Holidays With An Itty Bitty… Pt. 2

Ok…yes, this post is way late in being posted, but I feel like the holidays are carrying over into in the New Year. So let me try and back track and take you through the holiday season.

This was actually the first year that the husband and I spent Christmas in Los Angeles. Normally we try and get our families to meet in either Nashville or Washington, D.C. (our hometowns) since we’re both only children and our work schedules don’t always allow for big trips home during non-holiday seasons. But this year it was just us and the pooch in sunny California. And yes…our Christmas tree is coming out of the roof a dog house – a gift from hubby’s mom & her love for our dog (her grand-dog). The pooch eventually warmed up enough to stick his his head inside…and that was all. We’ll do better next year…

Christmas tree 2011

The hubs & I also got to do something we rarely get to do together – cook! I normally handle the bulk of the cooking within our household, but I know the husband enjoys it as much as I do – so the holiday season was a chance for us to break out the oven mitts and try our hands at some new dishes. Here is a brief glance at our glazed ham (all 8lbs of it….) in all its pre-cooked glory! It was delicious…and proceeded to last us through every meal for the week following…

Christmas Day Ham

And a few days after Christmas, the hubby and I headed to my hometown of Nashville. The reason this is a photo of the plane wing and not us is because we’d just lugged a HUGE bicycle across 3 terminals of LAX as well as 4 bags. Why a bicycle you ask? Because my dear, dear friend needed her race-bike (she’s a sponsored professional athlete) returned to her from where she had it stored in Los Angeles…she always made it look so easy when she’d fly it into LA or Nashville but trust me – LOOKS ARE DECEIVING. Needless to say – never again. How she manages all her events as well as dominating in law-school is beyond me. I aspire to be her one day. One day when the thought of running doesn’t make me cringe.

Flight Home

I also got to catch up with so many of my friends that I haven’t seen since I graduated high school (waaaaay back in the day) – unfortunately you’ll have to be my facebook friend to see those gems. We all tend to get together at our favorite hang out; The Green House. It’s a restaurant and bar that is styled after an actual greenhouse – meaning the floors are gravel, all the furniture is garden furniture and there are plants everywhere! If you’re ever in Nashville I suggest you check it out.

New Years Eve was a low key affair, and that somehow always takes the pressure off that I think a lot of us put on ourselves to have a BIG BLOWOUT NEW YEARS EVE! I believe there’s an eCard floating around somewhere that expresses that exact sentiment.  However, we did get to enjoy some fabulous company and some very tasty margaritas while we rang in 2012.


But we were all in bed early and rested because New Year’s Day it was right back to work for this Itty Bitty – with our first wedding of the year (another post to come)! Stay tuned…

~ Carson ~


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