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Date Night

Valentine’s Day: a day for lovers, a day that celebrates companions, Anna Howard Shaw Day (a happy Anna Howard Shaw day to us all!)  I’ve come up with a few adorable date night ideas that you & your sweetie may want to check out:


If you both have hectic schedules and my not be available to book a romantic dinner for two; meet each other halfway between where you work for a Valentine’s Day picnic!  Grab a blanket, bring some finger foods, an assortment of cheeses and if you’re feeling a little saucy…maybe a bottle of wine.  Tiny cans of Sofia sparkling wine are too adorable to pass up!  Here is a delicious variety of cheese to try: smoked Gouda, Jarlsberg, Baby Swiss, Brie (Trader Joe’s makes a delightful goat cheese Brie), or a nice hunk of aged Parmesan.

jarlsberg cheese


Itty Bitty loves a good omelet. Try starting the day off with a table for two at brunch.  You’ll have the rest of the day to run whatever errands you need, finish up any last minute work details, or just spend the day lounging with your Valentine.  Try a spot you haven’t checked out yet or a restaurant with a great view!  A place that makes their own beignets wouldn’t be too shabby either.

Delectable Desserts

Whip up a nice dinner at home, but before you get there, swing by your favorite bakery or cupcakery to pick up a dessert to share.  Tasty bites that might go over well: cake pops, personalized cupcakes (have the bakery write your names or a funny inside joke), molten lava cake, lemon tarts, cherry pies like this one from Susie Cakes, or try some new adventurous flavors.  Order something sweet & savory, like chocolate cupcakes with bacon on top!

Susie Cakes cherrypie

Old School Night

Whether you were high school sweet hearts or not, wouldn’t it be fun to have an old school date night?  Plan an outing of mini golf and burgers for dinner, or order a shake with two straws.  But be sure to make it home by curfew!

Snow Day

Itty Bitty may be in California, but I still think sledding is super fun!  If there’s snow where you are, take advantage of the winter weather.  A romp out in the snow would be a fun way to spend the day together.  Share a smooch on the ski lift, hop on an inter-tube and dominate those snow-capped hills, or just sit by the fire in the lodge with some hot cocoas.

my parent's backyard


If you’re a sports fan, see if your local hockey, roller derby, or college basketball team has tickets for sale.  Cheer on your favorite players together!

Kings Hockey

Two words: Wine Tasting!

Itty Bitty wishes you and your loved ones a happy and lovey-dovey Valentine’s Month!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. Great ideas ladies! I’m totally gonna do the wine and cheese picnic!

  2. I can’t wait for Valentines Day this year, I think an old fashioned date night will work for this mama to be 🙂


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