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Put a sparkle in your step with some bubbly drink recipes!  If you’re having a get together (or just enjoy refreshing drinks), try something other than the standard bottled bevies. You don’t have to spend a ton of money to make your party memorable. Something as simple as a signature drink or a scrumptious appetizer plate will get your guests talking. If you do have some extra cash to spend, spring for some fun glassware. Why not add a sequin blazer or dress just to tie everything together!

Dainty Champagne Olive & Cocoa

Guava + Club Soda + Mint Leaves

1 part Guava Nectar – this can be found in the Mexican food aisle of your grocery store in cans or quarts

2 parts Club Soda

Handful of lightly crushed fresh Mint Leaves – crush leaves with the palm of your hand or with the back of a spoon


Pear Nectar + Champagne Bellini

The Italians got it right when they decided to add fruit puree to sparkling wine.  Tasty & you get your vitamin C!  …right? A traditional Bellini calls for Prosecco, a sweeter white wine than a brute champagne.  If you can’t find this around your neighborhood stores, champagne will work just fine.

1 part Pear Nectar – this can also be found in the same aisle as the guava nectar

2 parts Champagne or Prosecco

Try serving this tasty treat in these delightful glasses from BHLDN

Rosey Cheeked Coupes BHLDN

Mrs. Arnold Palmer

Tee off with the femme version of an Arnold Palmer. Use sparkling lemonade to give this drink a pop!

1 part Iced Tea – freshly brewed & cooled or store bought

1 part Sparkling Pink Lemonade

Trader Joe's pink lemonade

Hibiscus Tea + Ginger Ale

For the more exotic taste buds, try this tropical creation. A sweet bubbly bev with a colorful burst of fruit.

1 part Hibiscus Iced tea (which you can find & brew your own from Republic of Tea)

1 part Ginger Ale

hibiscus photo by Feather & Stone

Cucumber + Rosemary + Orange Spa Water

It may not exactly be sparkly, but this concoction gives the elegant feel of a day at the spa. If you have a more savory pallet, this recipe should do the trick. This particular drink is perfect for serving in an infusion jug. Not only are these containers simply adorable, they also serve an army of people.  Check out this sleek dispenser from ZGallerie.

8 cups of water

1 cucumber, sliced with the skin on

1 orange, sliced

2 sprigs of rosemary, leave whole & on the stem

Ice cubes

Let this mixture sit for a while before the party starts so that all the flavors can fuse together.  Then pour + sip + enjoy!

duo glass bev dispenser ZGallery

Cheers! I hope these bevies bring out your sparkling personality. Happy sipping!

~ Kathleen ~


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