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Gifts that make you go Ooo

Heading to a party & have absolutely no clue what to bring the host & hostess? Really want to show your appreciation because they have the mostess? Never fear, Itty Bitty Party Committee is here! …with gift tips!

Wine & gift cards are an easy & lovely way of saying thank you, but don’t you want to stand out from the crowd a little? You don’t have to go crazy & buy the most expensive set of crystal glassware, you can find a lot of fun gifts that fit your budget. Here are a few ideas that we suggest for close friends or people you’re meeting for the first time.

I simply can’t get enough of unique & funky kitchen appliances! They’re great for several reasons: they instantly make your kitchen more adorable, they encourage you to think of recipes that require using them, you can assemble a group of little trinkets to make a gift basket & if you don’t cook…they fool everyone into thinking you do!

Check out this adorable itty bitty lady cheese grater from Pylones

lady cheese grater

Gin & Titonic ice cube tray from Fred & Friends. Ice cubes ahead!!

gin and titonic

Fred Flare has a Yellow Tea Submarine for the tea drinkers in your life

tea sub

How about a unique wooden platter or serving tray? West Elm has some gorgeous rustic ones. Cutting the cheese at this party won’t be rude, it’s encouraged!

west elm slate + wood board

If you’re meeting the hostess who has just about everything, it could be a good strategy to bring a live potted plant. Live flowers in a modern pot will spruce up the house & bring a smile to just about anyone’s face. Try Ranunculus, Paperwhites, or purple Irises. Maybe even a living basil plant! You can find these at most grocery stores or your local garden nursery. Herbs look pretty, taste delicious & make the kitchen smell nice. Homemade pesto? Yes, please!

my basil plant...when it was alive

Bringing a gift doesn’t have to be daunting, just have fun with it! The important part is to show your gratitude. Happy gifting!

~ Kathleen ~


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