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Vendor Spotlight: Stephanie Godfrey Photography

A few weeks ago we hosted a little ladies party. We themed it our first annual Sparkle Party & had friends new & old come out and join us for a night of sparkling conversation & drinks! Stephanie, a fabulous friend we’ve made this year immediately volunteered to bring along her camera and capture some fabulous shots of our party. When we saw the images we immediately knew why brides & grooms are snapping her up for engagements & weddings across the country. We wanted to not only share some of the images she took for our party, but also share with you what makes Stephanie Godfrey Photography so awesome in our first vendor spotlight!

Vendor Spotlight: Stephanie Godfrey Photography

I'm Stephanie!

Your business serves what areas? I live in Los Angeles, but often travel for weddings. I love exploring new areas.

How long have you been in business? I’ve been photographing weddings since I graduated from Brooks Institute of Photography in 2006. But last year I decided to go full time and I haven’t looked back. I LOVE my job!!

Stephanie Godfrey Photography
Why wedding photography? 
I LOVE being a part of that couple’s special day and capturing everything that I know will be a blur to them after the day is over. Plus everyone is so stinking happy, or at least should be!

Brooke & Mike by Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Favorite photography/wedding event of the year? In March I went to the Utterly Engaged party and The Cream event. Both were so much fun! Everyone I meet is so passionate, creative and inspiring. Since it’s so early in the year, my favorite photo shoot has been an engagement session that I shot at an orchid farm in Oxnard. The location was stunning. You can check it out here and Grey Likes Weddings just did a post about it that you can check out here. 

Brooke & Mike by Stephanie Godfrey Photography
What is your favorite tool of your craft: I love my Canon 5d Mark II. It’s a pretty darn amazing camera. I edit with Lightroom. It makes everything so streamlined.

What is one of your most favorite images you’ve ever shot?  This shot was from a wedding in Sacramento. We walked around old town and around a corner was this perfect spot with amazing light. I could have shot here all day.

Stephanie Godfrey Photography

You’re about to leave to shoot a wedding – what are 5 things you’ll always have on you? Without stating the obvious, ie: camera, lenses, cf cards, I always have chapstick, gum, Snickers, sewing kit (you never know!), water. 

What sets you apart from other wedding photographers? There’s so many of us, so it’s important to stay true to yourself. I like to capture candid moments. I really like shooting with a 70-200 lens so that I can be incognito. I think it’s the natural moments when you think no one is looking that completes the story.

Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Isn’t Stephanie & her work amazing?? If you want to stay up to date with what Stephanie’s doing check out her blog. You can also check her out on Twitter & Facebook. Tell her we sent you! Now take a gander at some more of her work & some of her shots from our Sparkle Party (which you can see more of listed under our events tab!).

Stephanie Godfrey PhotographyStephanie Godfrey PhotographyStephanie Godfrey PhotographyStephanie Godfrey PhotographyStephanie Godfrey PhotographyStephanie Godfrey Photography

Aren’t you just giddy from these images! Oh la la!
If you want to talk to Stephanie further about her work or discuss booking her for an upcoming event you can reach her:


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  1. Love the wedding shots and great one of the happy couple with the large tree behind them

  2. I love her work! Beautiful – wish she was in DC!


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