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Cake & Valley pt. 1

Headed to a party & have no idea what to wear? Did you receive an invitation to one of those tricky events during the middle of the day? Want to look stunning at an engagement party without overshadowing the bride-to-be? Want the answer to all these questions?! Well you’re in luck, because today & tomorrow you have some help from Itty Bitty’s close & very fashionable friends: Cake & Valley.

These two fashionistas use their twin powers for good, to bring inspiration to those in search of the latest fashion, those looking to spice up their wardrobe or even those who need a little fashion coaching. They created a fashion blog featuring looks they style themselves posting inspiring ensembles of how to style what you have (and where to get it). We’ve all been invited to those events where you just can’t piece together the right outfit for the occasion, so Itty Bitty asked these two lovely ladies to help our readers out with some looks. This will be the first in a series of styled looks that will span out over the entire wedding season & into the Fall with an office party look!

Today Valley’s picks are featured:  Bridal Shower

Valley has chosen this season’s hottest color, Tangerine. Tangerine is warm, vibrant & perfect for this time of year. It will give your Spring-wear a pop of color! Pairing this high-low cut dress with a wide snakeskin waist-defining belt adds gorgeous shape to any body type & also adds great texture next to the silk dress.  Topping off the look with a casual jean jacket & chunky wooden heels is the perfect way to make a grand entrance at a bridal shower without stealing any sparkle away from the bride-to-be.

cake and valley

cake & valley

cake & valley

Work it girl! Looking forward to see what Cake has in store tomorrow!

~ Kathleen ~


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