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Cake & Valley pt. 2

We’re continuing on with our fabulous ensembles styled specially for Itty Bitty by Cake & Valley. Cake continues to answer the question that we’ve all asked ourselves, “Whatever shall I wear to this event…?”.

Cake chose this look to give you a wide range of possible outfits to sport at a bridal shower. Teal is one of those colors that everyone looks divine in & can be paired with almost any other color or print! Adding a little leopard cardigan is a great & easy way to take a silk dress from formal to fun party-wear; it’s also a simple way to add a little spice to your ensemble. Keeping in mind that she was styling for a bridal shower guest, Cake threw on a white envelope coat & little cutaway kitten heel to glam it up while still keeping it casual. Nothing beats looking & feeling like a lady! Which is the perfect vibe to have when you flutter from party to party!

cake & valley

cake & valley

cake & valley

Simply fabulous! Don’t forget to check out Cake & Valley’s blog for new looks every day and stay tuned for future looks styled just for us!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. I love that outfit! Especially the white coat is beautiful



  2. Gorgeous outfit, great use of colour and print yet everything works well together whilst still all being individually bold and the coat is amazing!

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