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DIY Corner: Cake Pedestal

We’ve been craftin’ it up & today we have a few tips to show you how to make your own itty bitty cake pedestal.  We don’t have to tell you how much dough you could save using DIY decorations at an event, but what you might not realize is how easy these are to make! Impress friends & relatives with your DIY skills. Don’t be afraid to brag!

Step 1
Here is what you’ll need for these little pedestals (multiply this list by the number of stands you desire to make):

1 Wooden Disc roughly 6″ in diameter – this can be found at your nearest craft store, make sure it is thick enough to support treats on top.

1 Wooden Base roughly 4″ in height – I used a wooden candlestick & removed the metal insert with pliers. These can also be found at your nearest craft store.

1 Tube of Super Glue – they say you aren’t a Pro until you glue fingers together, I do not recommend going Pro.

1 Paint Brush – foam brushes are the cheapest, usually costing under a dollar. These are easy to wash & are guilt free if thrown away.

1 Tube of White Acrylic Paint or Gesso – this will coat the wood surface & give you a good base to paint on top of. Wood is very porous & will soak up quite a bit of paint. Make sure it’s acrylic, because oil will take too long to dry & isn’t safe to use with food.

1 Tube of Colored Paint – your choice! I am crazy for the Martha Stewart Pearl surface collection, the color featured in this post is Mother of Pearl. Pick a color that ties in with your theme/color scheme or pick one that will give your table setting a pop of color!

1 Piece of Sandpaper – this is completely optional, but if you have some hanging out in your tool kit it could come in handy!

A clean & disposable surface to paint on – whether it’s newspaper or a plastic tarp, make sure you protect your table-top surfaces. Bonus, this makes for a quick clean up!

DIY Supplies

Step 2
-Paint your disc & candlestick with the white paint first. Give it 2 nice thick coats, this way the wood won’t soak up all of your pretty finishing color. It will also give your pedestal a more even finish.

-Checking to make sure your base-coat has dried; paint the top, bottom & sides of both the disc & the candlestick. Up to 2 coats of paint will do!

-When your colorful paint has dried, score the top of your candlestick & the bottom of your wooden disc (in the center) where the two will meet.  Use an exacto blade or even sandpaper (but be careful!!!). This will allow the glue to seep deeply into each part of the wood pieces & form a tight bond (like BFFs!).

-Once you have scored your wooden pieces & lined them up, carefully apply some super glue to each part. Apply a small amount to the bottom center of your disc & around the top of your candlestick.  Make sure you center the candlestick before you commit, but once it looks right, hold it for just a few seconds. Leave your newly assembled pedestal upside-down to dry for at least a 30mins until the glue dries.

carefully gluing...caaareful

Step 3
-Lightly sand down the rim of your disc if you feel the need to get rid of the jagged edges. Be mindful of your paint job though, avoid sanding too hard.

-Arrange pedestal(s) on your serving table & place tiny snacks, desserts, or serving utensils on top. You could even use these stands as place settings for a small dinner party, giving everyone an individual cupcake! We featured our pearl pedestals at our fabulous Sparkle Party to hold a variety of mini quiches. A big thank you to Stephanie Godfrey for bringing her camera to photograph the evening!

predestals are ready for their close-up

Stephanie Godfrey Photography

Happy crafting!

~ Kathleen ~


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