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Cake & Valley pt. 3

Cake & Valley are back! Today they are sharing their ensembles for a daytime wedding. We love collaborating with these ladies! Who hasn’t been invited to one of these tricky events? Unless a theme is clearly stated, a day time wedding can be a tough occasion to dress for. Guests must ride a fine line of dressy, yet casual. But not too casual (as comfy as our sweatpants truly are, no sweats allowed). The timeline for a daytime wedding can also be a curveball. The ceremony could be hours before the reception, leaving party guests with hours to pass the time. Cake & Valley & the Itty Bitty girls like to call this the “Wedding Layover”.

Valley’s look is based off the classic Little Black Dress, but she’s given it her own little twist. Instead of donning the fitted knee length black dress, Valley has opted for a lovely long & flowing maxi. It has a surprisingly low back giving it just the right amount of flirt appeal for a daytime event. She’s also dressed up the look by choosing a sheer fabric, not jersey knit. To give the dress a little bit more structure, she has added a skinny leopard belt. What a fun way to add a hint of print! And what goes better with leopard print than red accessories? A red bracelet & a dab of red lipstick top this look off. Now Valley is ready to take on an early wedding ceremony, the layover & dance the night away! Twirling in this long maxi will look marvelous!

Valley's Daytime Wedding look

Valley's Daytime Wedding details

Valley's Daytime Wedding details

Twirl, girl!

Cake has put together an outfit inspired by the famous saying, “Something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue”. The look started out with “something old” which is a pencil skirt from Free People. Cake snatched this up after the holidays when it went on sale, she had been waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. Next was “something new”, the white peplum top is one of the newest trends we’re loving for spring/summer. Paired with the sequin skirt, it’s a perfect mix of texture! It’s a great & easy top to slip on & dress up a casual outfit to run errands, or can be worn with a skirt for a fancy occasion. For Cake’s “something borrowed” (which we find is the easiest part to achieve due to our long list of fashionable friends!), she picked a men’s wear inspired blazer. It’s a relaxed fit that can easily transform from morning to afternoon to evening. If you don’t own a men’s blazer or a boyfriend-cut women’s blazer, don’t fret! Maybe one of the groomsmen will be kind enough to offer you one of theirs to borrow (Cake actually met her husband that way!). To top off the look, she threw on some bangles that had a hint of “something blue”. Inspiration can come from anywhere, just remember to have fun with it!

Cake's Daytime Wedding look

Cake's Daytime Wedding details

Cake's Daytime Wedding details

Lookin' good!

Thank you, ladies! You look fabulous as always! For more tips, outfit tricks & stunning looks check out Cake & Valley‘s blog. Itty Bitty loves to see what these two are up to & get fashion ideas for our events!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. Fabulous, fabulous, will say it one more time, FABULOUS! Miss you two lots!

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