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Will You Go To The Prom With Us?

It’s time for a flashback!  In honor of prom season, we decided to share some old school prom photos with you. Check out our [be]dazzling outfits!

Carson: Oh lawd. Prom season. I actually went to prom 3 years in a row, but no one’s lucky enough to see my sophomore year up-do…sorry team. However, junior year (left picture) was the year of the PEACH dress & elbow gloves (which I can’t seem to button around my wrists….) and my clear conscience that all of that ensemble was a good idea. I wish you could see the whole thing for the full effect… but what’s funny (in that not-really-funny way) is that despite going to high school in the south, my dress is from LA. My mom & I ventured out here on my junior-year spring break and picked up this lil diddy in the fashion district. Who knew over a decade later I’d be living out here. And yes, my date totally has an afro. And my hair was curled (for the 1 time ever in my life). Senior year my date & I looked like cake-toppers. And all I can clearly remember of that night is how badly they butchered my date’s last name during senior presentation. This is why you never take an I-TAL-YAN to prom. Kidding. I actually keep in fairly regular contact with both of my prom dates and we make it a point to see each other when we are all home.

I’m also fairly convinced I read somewhere that touching your dates’ face in every prom photo was mandatory – so just saying….

Prom Attire

Kathleen: I have to admit, my date may have stolen a little bit of the spotlight on prom night. But who can resist a man in a lavendar tux?! I complimented that amazing ensemble with my champagne colored gown. My date (one of my very close friends, Luke) is so talented, he was asked to sing during the last dance. I was so proud! Coincidentally, that meant I had to sit on the sidelines while all the couples swayed back & forth to his soothing voice. What was the song, you ask? He serenaded the class of 2003 with “(I Had) The Time of My Life”. My lovely hair-do was done by yours truly …with the assistance of a crimping iron. I arrived home from a 3 day lacrosse tournament (hence the amazing farmers tan), showered & in 2 hours was ready to hit the town! I had the time of my life!

How was your prom experience? We’d love to hear about it!

~ Kathleen & Carson ~


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