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Who I Am Right Now: Carson


What Music/Song I Cannot Stop Listening To:

Summer always puts me in the mood for rock. I’m not sure if it’s because I associate it with summer nights growing up in Nashville or if it’s because I’m loving jean shorts & boyfriend shirts these days.

The Wedding Trend I Am Loving/Want To See More Of:

Mint. I’m loving the color mint & would love to see it paired with more grays.

My Current Obsession:

Retro swimsuits + birthday parties

One Current Obstacle:

Finding ‘me’ time. My work & personal schedule are so packed for the next 3 months that it will be rare that I find myself at home for longer than 3-4 days.

Something I’m Totally Looking Forward To:

July is what I call the “birthday month” – my husband, dog & I (as well as some family + closest friends) all have July birthdays and we use the month to really celebrate each other.

My Goal For The Next 6 Months:

I have a lot of work & side projects in the brainstorming & execution stage. I’m very excited to see them get off the ground & grow!


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