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Summer Time Essentials

It’s heatin’ up outside & that means summer is here! What better way to celebrate summer than by taking an itty bitty vacation, so we’re taking a holiday! But not for too long, we’ll be back to work in no time! We’ll be poolside for this trip, but there is the ever pressing question “Do I spend the day at the beach or by the pool?”.

We have all the summer essentials to pack for a day of fun-in-the-sun, no matter where you are! Whether you are poolside or sinking your toes into the sand, we have the the scoop on what you shouldn’t leave home without. Aside from sunscreen (which is Oh so important!), reading material (be it Hunger Games or People Magazine) & some noms to snack on, we have some “must have” items to make your weekend outing a success!


Hydration is key! Here are two ways to keep your thirst in check. This skinny ice cube tray from Think Geek is the perfect shape for slipping ice into your water bottle on the go. We’ve all done that dance with regular cubes, trying to fit the square peg into the circular hole, but this tray is smart thinking! If you’re hanging out poolside & have a craving for swanky spa water, this Ceylon Pitcher from CB2 infuses your H2O without all the floating chunks. Sip flavored water in style!

water essentials

Cover Up

Being shaddy isn’t always a bad thing. Stay covered up with this multi-colored wrap from Nordstrom or keep cool in the shade of this beach umbrella from World Market. The silk caftan cover-up will look stunning over a solid color swimsuit lounging in a chair by the pool. Meanwhile at the beach, this spectra yellow umbrella will give you a much needed break from they sun’s rays & can act as a landmark for friends meeting you sea-side.

cover up


Never leave the house without your sunnies! Sunglasses not only protect your pretty peepers from UV rays, but they also make a fashionable statement. If you’re looking for a bold print & pattern, don these crystal gradient light blue Wayfarers from Ray-Ban. These say beachfront party to us! If you’re hanging out poolside, check out these tres chic Signet sunglasses from Ray-Ban. They are the perfect mix of modern style with a touch of Old Hollywood.


Tote Bag

Everybody totes needs a good tote bag to carry their goods in. Books, snacks, drinks, iPods, iPads, sunscreen, everything! This Sea Bag from JCrew has a darling beachfront color palate & is made from reclaimed sails. Does that scream beach day or what!? For more of a high-end look at the pool, Dooney & Bourke makes a nautical striped handbag you can find at Macy’s.

totes cute tote bags

With all this supplies in hand, you’ll be ready for a perfect outing at the pool or at the beach.

Happy Sunning!

~ Kathleen ~


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