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Olympic Fever

Itty Bitty has a fever. Olympic fever! We’re hoping that you are all planning an Olympic viewing party for the upcoming 2012 games. What better way to cheer on the US Team than with all your friends gathered around the tv? The opening ceremonies kick off this Friday on NBC! Check out the full schedule of events here. Because we love all things party, we have a few suggestions to make your get-together worthy of a gold medal.

London's Tower Bridge

-Itty bitty little international flag toothpicks make for great cupcake, desert or sandwich toppers. Find them at Party City. Try cooking a meal or side dish from one or more of the competing countries to spice up your event. Fish & chips is a very popular English dish (wrap it up in newspaper for a more authentic pub presentation & serve with malt vinegar).

International Flag Picks from Party City

Fish and Chips

-Don’t have a torch? Worried your smoke-alarm will disagree with having an Olympic-sized torch ablaze in your home? We have the solution! If you have a silver vase (or an old vase & some silver paint), make an arrangement of orange, red & yellow flowers. Voila! You have your very own sweet smelling tribute to the Olympic flame.

red gladiolus arrangement

-If your viewing crowd is more of the adventurous type, ask your guests to come dressed as an athlete from their favorite sport. Or grab some American Flag gear from Urban Outfitters to show your support for the US team.

American Flag jeans from Urban Outfitters

USA Tunic Tank from Urban Outfitters

-Make a signature drink for your party. Something red, white or blue. Or try serving beverages in gold, silver & bronze colored cups.

-Need a playlist for commercial breaks? Here are a few tunes we suggest adding to your iPod:
Champion by Kanye West

Best Around by Joe Esposito

Chariots of Fire Theme by Vangelis

London Calling by The Clash

Montage from the Team America World Police soundtrack

Survival by Muse – the official theme to the 2012 games

Olympic Fanfare (1984 adaptation) by John Williams

Happy Viewing! Go team USA!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. Such great ideas! I love the flower arrangement idea. Clever as ever Kathleen!


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