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Personal Thank You Notes (& Why They’re Important!)

As a bride, you can often feel showered with love & kind wishes as the engagement, shower & wedding gifts begin to arrive. However, it can seem like a daunting task to individually thank each gift giver with a personal thank you note. It can be tempting to have draft up one generic thank you note and send it out to all gift givers. Take that notion & immediately toss it in the trash. Here’s why:

  1. The people who have gone out of their way to bestow you and your sweetie with a gift spent their time looking & selecting something you specifically registered for. You should take just as much time to write them a personal thank you and share how much you’ll enjoy using that gift.
  2. Impersonal thank you notes (such as: Thank you for attending my shower! Your gift was wonderful!) can sometimes catch guests who couldn’t make/haven’t sent a gift yet in an awkward place. Etiquette says wedding guests have up until your 1 year anniversary to send you a gift. However, if they receive a thank you for a gift they have yet to give you – it can look like a passive aggressive stance on the fact they received nothing. You may  not mean it, but it can be inferred like that.
  3. Again with the point above, some guests may be in serious financial restraints these days due to the economy. They may mean to get you a wonderful gift, but are unable to currently. If they receive an impersonal thank you note that thanks them for a gift, you may make them feel bad for not being able to give you something.
  4. People want to know they got you something you’ll actually enjoy – take an extra line to share where in your new home you’ll use said gift or where you plan on placing that wonderful decorative vase that your Aunt Helen sent. Even if it isn’t your favorite gift, people like to feel like they got you something you’ll truly use.
  5. You may not to get to socialize with everyone at your party/shower/wedding. Adding an extra line in your thank you note can share with them that their efforts were not lost and that you appreciate how they came out for your special day.

If you’re having custom invitations made, your stationer will often be able to craft you matching thank you notes that stay in tune with your wedding/invitation theme. Paper Cut Industries founder & art director Monica Garrett will gladly help you craft a custom design that pairs well with your wedding invitations. She’s created numerous thank you notes for clients to send to guests! Check out some of her work here.

Thank You Notes by Paper Cut Industries

Thank You notes are also a wonderful chance to use your new last name on some brand new stationery. You can also order fun thank you notes from sites like Paper Source or Etsy. Thank you notes also make a wonderful shower gift for all those non-brides reading along!

Thank You Note on Etsy by Sparetire Design

P.S. – Don’t forget to send a thank you note to vendors you really enjoyed working with. Maintaining a good relationship can lead to future partnerships or discounted rates if you refer friends to them. Who knew a simple little note could carry so much weight??

~ Carson ~


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