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2 Years In The Making

2 years ago today I married my husband in front of our nearest and dearest. Today I wanted to share some of my favorite wedding memories & give you a sneak peek into what an Itty Bitty’s wedding looks like!

Wedding Facts:
Ceremony: The Neighborhood Church
Reception: The Queen Mary
Date: August 14, 2010

Wedding Colors: Black, Ivory & Green

Favorite wedding memory: Seeing a completely full dance floor throughout the entire reception.

I could have lived without: The wedding crashers

I should have: listened to myself when I said “these shoes are cute, but so not comfortable after 5 hours….”

Something unique about our wedding: I had a brides butler & my husband had a grooms maid in our wedding party

Stand out moment: Our friends that caught the bouquet & the garter actually DID turn out to be the next in line to get married

The other half of Itty Bitty kept the dance floor movin’ & groovin’

Would I do it all again: Absolutely

~ Carson ~


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  1. Best.Wedding.EVER! Itty Bitty will most certainly be helping me plan mine one day!

    • You were a wonderful hostess & I was just looking through photos of us on the dance floor. Was so blessed to have you & James there for our big day. We’re looking forward to when we’re putting the Itty Bitty touches on yours!!

  2. Happy Anniversary Carson


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