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Party Theme: DIY Wine Tasting Party

Why travel all the way to the vineyard when you can bring the wine tasting to you? In the comfort of your own home! The only thing missing is the gorgeous view, but you can put up a screensaver of your favorite shots of Napa Valley (that should do it, right?). We’ve featured some other party themes in the past like a Tea Party or Nautical theme. Today we’ve got some quick-tips & suggestions for a DIY Wine Tasting Party.

Have your guests bring 2 bottles of their favorite wine (or a new one they’ve been dying to try). The second bottle of each pair can be sent home as favors for each guest. There are a few different ways you can structure your tasting party: have a blind tasting, limit the selection to all white or all red wines, try sampling only local wines, or put the wines to a vote & the winner can take home a prize! If you decide on a blind tasting, stamp a number on kraft paper wine bags or labels. This way, the wine’s identity can remain secret while everyone is sampling. Provide paper & pens so everyone can jot down their notes or vote. Don’t forget to sip in style, a gorgeous deep wine colored dress is perfect for this occasion!

wine tasting party


hometone // modcloth



Party Tips:

Make sure you swizzle, sniff & swirl. It brings out the wine’s aroma & flavor, plus it makes you look like a pro.

No need to cater a huge meal for the party. To keep everybody’s palate clean & fresh set out an assortment of crackers with cheese & fresh fruit.

After the party, you can recycle your bottles in the regular bin (going green!) or you can recycle them in a crafty way. Turn a few bottles into stunning vases!

Happy tasting!

~ Kathleen ~


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