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Party Tip: Tailgating

This weekend one of the Itty Bitty members is headed back home for the most glorious time of year (no, not the One Day Sale at Macy’s) ok, the second most glorious time of year: Football Season. I will be heading back to my beloved town of South Bend, IN to watch my Notre Dame football team in action. Aside from eagerly awaiting reuniting with old friends & family members, I have the duties of hosting the tailgate for the first time. I can’t tell you how excited I am!

Tailgate dessert table

Cute idea for a make your own sandwich bar

It’s a family affair! Me, my sister & my dad

I will be decking out our space with anything & everything Blue & Gold (and a wee bit of green). If you’re looking to host your own tailgate, Carson posted some ideas & inspiration for a Football Party. Today, I’ll give you some quick tips to make sure your get-together is a smash hit:

  • Tailgating on a warm & toasty weekend? Freeze your bottled water. Those frozen bottles will keep you & your cooler chilly all day.
  • In colder weather, bring pocket hand warmers for you & your fellow tailgaters. These are available for purchase at any drugstore or outdoor supply store near you.
  • Storage bins make for an easy-peasy transport & clean up. Bring one for dry supplies & one for anything that has gotten spilled on, soaked or covered in bbq sauce.
  • In case of sudden showers, keep a few plastic baggies on hand for small electronics. Save that phone from the rain!
  • Wet-wipes aren’t just for the kiddos, grab a pack for your guests! They do a great job cleaning up saucy bbq hands & are conveniently travel sized (how does bbq sauce manage to get on everything?).
  • Line some bins with trash bags, one for trash & one for cans/bottles. Mother Earth will thank you for the recyclables & the stinky trash can be removed without making a mess.
  • Snap a photo or make a note on your phone of where you parked. Walking back into the parking lot can seem like walking into a labyrinth.
  • Small details make a big difference! Tie ribbons in team colors around small packaged snacks or favors.
  • Itty Bitty finger foods are easiest for guests to eat. No need to fumble around with food that requires cutlery since most people will be standing (but do bring forks for side dishes & spoons for serving).
  • When in doubt, bring extras of everything. Tailgating is about catching up with old friends & making new ones!

Happy Tailgating!

~ Kathleen ~


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