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Wedding Tip Wednesday: Toasts

Giving a toast at a wedding? Don’t feel like you need to tell the couple’s entire life story.  …or any horribly embarrassing stories at that. Something hilarious to you & your group of friends may be a bit shocking to Memaw. Here are a few tips to make sure your toast gets a round of applause:

  • Notecards aren’t necessarily required, speak from the heart. But if you feel more comfortable with them near by, write key phrases & pointers instead of the entire speech word for word.
  • If  you’re nervous about giving the toast, avoid booze beforehand. Take a minute or two to yourself somewhere quiet to gather your thoughts.
  • When in doubt remind yourself, “more about the couple, less about me”.
  • Can’t figure out a way to wrap up your toast? Sign off with “To the Bride & Groom!” while you raise your glass.

Afraid of being roasted instead of toasted at your own wedding? Here a few steps you can take to avoid turing red:

  • It’s perfectly alright to ask your DJ not to accept any open mic “shout outs” during the reception.
  • Approach a few of your nearest & dearest to say a few words at your wedding. You don’t have to tell them what to say, but steer them in the direction of what you’re thinking time-wise & at what point in the night to give their toast.
  • Double check the people you ask are comfortable giving a toast (some may be shy!).


Happy toasting!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. Good tips for giving & *ahem* controlling the toasts given at your event. I love a good Comedy Central roast, but I do not, under any circumstances, want that kind of toast for my big event (or big day!). I have to agree, speaking from the heart first and foremost makes for the best toasts.

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