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Vintage Family Photo Table

Having a non-traditional wedding? Not a problem! It’s becoming increasingly more popular for brides & grooms to put a spin on the idea of the “traditional wedding”. Couples are incorporating their own personal style in elements all around: cake toppers, shoes, cufflinks, favors, anything & everything! We’ve even been to weddings where food trucks drove up instead of served plates or a buffet. Delicious! One of our favorite ways incorporate a little family linage is with a family photo table.

family photo table

family photo table

Setting up a table of vintage family photos is a sentimental way to add a little tradition to your wedding. It’s also fun for guests to see who you got those baby-blues from, the style of your grandma’s wedding gown or even hilarious awkward family photos (you know, the ones of you & your family all matching in your denim & white t-shirts).

If space is limited, go vertical & hang frames on ribbon to make a display wall. Visit your local flea markets or craft stores to find some ornate frames & proudly display your photos! If you find a great shape but aren’t a huge fan of the color, frames can always be painted to match your color scheme! A few coats of acrylic paint will do the trick. You could also get fancy & apply your own vintage technique (hint: sandpaper the edges).

If you don’t have many old family photos in your possession, don’t be afraid to ask for help with this project. You’ll be surprised by how many family members are willing to help & still have all those picture perfect memories stored away! Original copies aren’t an absolute necessity (for your worry-some aunt who is nervous about shipping them). Photos can be scanned & printed on photo paper from home. We think this is a sweet way to pay homage to your nearest & dearest. Look back on fond memories while making new ones!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. cute cute cute! love these tips! and i want food truck food now.


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