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The Great Bridesmaid Debate: 3 Budget Breakers

So your dear friend just asked you to be her bridesmaid. You have both been talking about this day for years – what color dress will look best? How tall should your shoes be? Will she make you have an up-do or the ‘natural look’? It’s all so exciting! And it’s also a huge financial commitment.

There are two sides to being in the bridal party. The one side is that your friend, the bride, has chosen you as someone very important and special to her and she wants you to stand with her as she commits herself into a union of love.

The reverse side is this honor comes with a price tag. And it’s often a price tag that is out of your control. There’s the dress, the shoes, the travel, the parties, the showers, and the wedding gift. This doesn’t even touch on smaller details like hair, nails, and basic beauty maintenance that comes along with getting all dolled up.

Every wedding is different – sometimes the bride or the brides’ family will pay for certain elements (dress, makeup, lodging) and in other cases, you’re responsible for getting there with everything & doing so with a smile on your face. It’s all the in name of being a bridesmaid.

There are always a few areas where you can stretch your dollar – we’ve rounded up a few quick tips on cutting back & still having a blast in your pink taffeta dress!

Where you can trim that budget:

Nails: There are some brides who like to have all their bridesmaid look uniform with the same style of nail (I can attest, I was one of them!) but the truth is – unless you’re wearing the sparkling ring – no one’s taking photos of the bridesmaid’s hands. We suggest instead of spending the salon price – that letting your bridesmaids have a little DIY with their nails is a way to cut back on a few bucks. Sally Hansen offers these great Salon Effects nail polish strips – in both crazy patterns and subtle glitter & plain colors! They cost about $8.50 a box and last 10 days! Your bridesmaids can wear them throughout the rehearsal dinner all the way til the bouquet toss at the reception!

Travel & Lodging: Know another bridesmaids/groomsman/guest at the wedding? Propose traveling to the wedding together and splitting a hotel room (if required). Do you have a friend who lives in the town where the wedding is taking place? See if you can bunk up at their place (don’t forget a great hostess gift!) to cut back on those hotel costs. More than likely, you’re not the only bridal party member looking to save a few dollars!

Jewelry: Not everyone owns a real strand of pearls. If you’re insistent that your bridesmaids have matching jewelry – it may be a wonderful bridesmaids’ gift. However, if you just want them to have pearly studs in their ears when they escort the groomsmen up the aisle – then let them provide their own. We guarantee no one will know whether they’re real or fake.

But most importantly – remember that this is a huge day in your dear friend’s life. You are there as support because she chose you as a special person in her life. Go ahead and start writing down those fun memories that come to mind & things you’d include in a toast…you’ll be making plenty in the coming months! Also, don’t forget a hankie, you may shed a tear or two…

The Wong Couple, Sydney, AU

~ Carson ~


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