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Party Tip: Sneaky Birthdays

Today’s party planning tip is more of a general rule of thumb. We could call it “Tips To Prevent Getting Yourself Into A Birthday Pickle” (but that was just too long to put in the title). Whatever you want to call it, we have three easy things to keep on hand for those sneaky birthdays that pop up.

We’ve all been there, the one or two birthdays a year that just completely sneak up on you. Which result in a mad dash to the store to speed-read every card in the front row only to grab the “Happy Birthday, Grandma” card for your college roommate. Maybe it was a co-worker who never actually told you when their birth date was, but was disheartened to see you arrive the day-of empty handed. Or maybe a new acquaintance has invited you to their party this upcoming weekend, but your work week was super hectic.

Never fear! We’ve got a list of items to keep you on your game! If these three simple staples are in your household at all times, you’ll be able to avoid a birthday faux-pas:

  • At least 1 birthday card (or an entire drawer full if you’re a member of Itty Bitty) to send via snail mail or deliver in person
  • Boxed cake mix & frosting – whip up a tasty cake or personalized cupcakes in a flash
  • Birthday candles – people love blowing out the candles to make a wish (no matter how much they deny it). Don’t limit these to just cake, they can be put in hilarious food items such as sandwiches, morning bagels or sushi.

Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Wishes!

~ Kathleen ~


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