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Party Theme: Halloween

Trick or Treat! We pick treats! Halloween is near & we have tips & tricks (oh, I guess we pick both, Tricks AND Treats) for your spooky gathering. We’ve got inspiration for everything Halloween related just short of the hayride (we love those!). Whether it’s a full blown haunted house or just hanging out eating all the candy before you get a chance to pass it out, Itty Bitty has recommendations to make your Halloween monster-mash bash a hit!


Ramp up the spook factor with unique potion centerpieces. These eerie elixirs will set the Halloween mood while bringing a little elegance to your table scape. With these large focal points, you won’t need too many extra decorations. Set these on top of a burlap runner & grab some fall foliage, twigs or corn husks from your backyard (…or neighbor’s yard).  Martha Stewart constructed these amazing pieces with just a few items: specimen jars, dried pods & water with food coloring.

Petrifying Potions by Martha Stewart

If your All Hallows-Eve is more casual, this oversized (yet festive) sweatshirt is perfect for the fall chill in the air. Relaxed fit, but still on point with the skull detail for a themed get together. Check it out at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters cutout sweatshirt

Looking for a tasty treat that’s better for you than fun sized candy (or want a legitimate “grown up” dinner so you have an excuse to eat a pound of candy later)? Whip up some pumpkin soup! This silky concoction from My Recipes is perfect for fall & will warm you to the core. Serve inside a hollowed out pumpkin to send your autumn atmosphere meter through the roof.

Pumpkin Soup

Spooky eggs in the morning kick the day off right! Get your protein & your spirits in before the day starts. Surprise your significant other with a little themed breakfast in bed. Make it a complete breakfast by serving it with pumpkin pancakes & a side of fresh boo-berries (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Ghost Eggs

Whooo made these delightful little cookies?! These are perfect to bring to a Halloween party because they’re portable & double as decorations. We find these owl cookies are almost too precious to eat. Grab some orange, black & brown frosting, print the owl pattern from Sunset Magazine & add a little candy corn beak!

Owl Cookies

Don’t forget the pooch! This outfit may be a teenage dream, but it’s fit for a pup. Your dog has always wanted to be a California Girl & now they can be while they escort the kiddos from house to house. Ok honestly, we really just wanted to post this because it’s a dog in a wig. A DOG in a WIG!

Pup-a-Razzi Dog Costume

Happy Halloween!

~ Kathleen ~


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  1. All cute ideas!! Can’t wait to see your Christmas ideas 🙂


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