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Cake & Valley: A Spooktacular Look

It’s time to check in with our two favorite fashionistas: Cake & Valley! Today these lovely ladies have some not-so scary Halloween outfits put together for you. They’ve helped us out before with tricky looks like the Day Time Wedding, along with what to wear to a bridal shower pt 1 & pt 2.

For all of us who have ever worked in an office setting before (aka: cubical land), we know that dressing up for Halloween is a refreshing way to spice up the work week with a little holiday cheer. It breaks up the monotony & it’s fun to show how festive co-workers can get with a small celebration. However, there are always a few cubical mates that pick a, well, uhh shall we say…less than appropriate costume. Wearing cat ears to work is fine. Wearing cat ears & a lace bodice may be NSFW. Cake & Valley have the perfect pieces & suggestions to show your love of Halloween in a professional setting.

Cake & Valley's spooky looks

The first look is a non-witchy witch outfit & the second is a non-boo ghoul get up. When Cake & Valley styled these looks, they were adamant that each piece selected be something that they did not purchase in a Halloween store or costume shop. Saving both money & time (not to mention skipping the unpleasant oder of the smelly rubber mask aisle). Plus, you’ll be deemed the super creative co-worker who whipped up an outfit from all the fabulous items in your closet. These two looks certainly aren’t the only way to dress up for Halloween, but they might just be some of the most fun & creative.

Cake’s non-costume is a witch inspired look that is a combination of fall style & traditional Halloween colors, black & orange. She has chosen a long skirt, boots & a high neck top which are enough witch details to give a magical visual representation. No need for the pointy hat or the broom! To step up her look, Cake added some extra chic items: a black fur muff & a rhinestone collar necklace. One last minute addition of a leather peplum belt makes it ultra modern chic. With this ensemble, everyone at work will be under her spell!
Cake's witchy outfit
Cake's witchy outfit
Cake's witchy outfit
Valley has layered on the white to get the ghouly look for her Halloween office attire. Assembling this look is great for your favorite white dress that’s been tucked away in the closet after Labor Day. Pick a dress with a summer-y feel, you really want it to flow! Valley’s dress is light chiffon & even has a little cap that floats behind her as she walks. If you have a white coat or cardi on hand, make sure to layer these over the dress too. Next, grab any skull detail items you might have, thick opaque black tights & a blood-red ring to top off this scream worthy look.  Valley just needs to float in & out of all the offices, flicker a few lights & she’ll be giving all her co-workers the ghostly chills!
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Be sure to check in daily with these two lovely ladies & find out what they’re using their fashion-twin powers for on their blog Cake & Valley. They’re simply fabulous!

~ Kathleen ~


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