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Winter Weddings

It’s December & even though we live on the sunny golden coast of Southern California we love winter weddings! Any bride who can pull on some mukluks & trudge through the snow in a dress gets tough-cookie points from us. Not only are photos of the glistening snow gorgeous to hang in your home, there are some delightful benefits to having your wedding in the winter season.

Lower Prices -For the majority of venues (aside from ski lodges or winter resorts) winter is the off-season & rates are usually much lower than they are in the heat of summer which is the “official” wedding season.
Availability – Much like venues, vendors usually have their off-season during winter. This makes booking your photographer or wedding planner a breeze for scheduling. It also means minimal competition with other brides in the area (put down your brass knuckles, it’s nothing like Bride Wars. There are just more available dates to book with less people calling for those dates).
Unique Decor – Stoles, fitted jackets, leather boots, sleigh rides, twinkling white lights, winter berries & evergreen accents in your floral arrangements. The possibilities are endless!
Holiday Flavors – This time of year lends itself to cinnamon, spice & everything nice. Instead of a signature cocktail over ice, serve a signature hot beverage like spiked hot cocoa or hot buttered rum.
Favors – Favors could include cloth packets with spiced teas, DIY hot cocoa kits, or knit mittens that match your color scheme. Get creative! We think that any trinket with drawings of woodland creatures will make your guests feel warm & fuzzy inside.

Did we mention winter weddings are unique & marvelous?!  Here are a few of our favorite winter inspired photos:

winter rings


winter wedding

~ Kathleen ~


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