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Who I Am Right Now: Carson

Meet Carson.


If I had to describe myself right now in one word, I would say:


One item on my holiday wishlist is:

A girls weekend with my college roommate, Hilary.
(and possibly a vintage bar cart….)


Hilary & I in 2008

My FAVORITE holiday trend:

I am a Christmas light fanatic. I love, love, love seeing trees with lights – whether it’s driving through an LA neighborhood
and seeing the twinkle in the window or just watching a movie while my little tree winks & blinks.

My best holiday memory:

I use to love, love, love that feeling of driving home from college through the mountains back to good ole Nashville with the entirety of the holiday break laid out in front of me. My roommate and I would hug and cry and tearfully part as we locked up our little house and filled our cars to the bursting point with things for mom & dad to clean/fix/replace. I loved that feeling of knowing I’d see ALL my friends who were home from college gathered around someone’s back porch/basement/dining room table and everyone was so care-free with the past semester behind them. Those were the best 4 weeks a gal could get.

If I were throwing the ultimate New Year’s Eve shin-dig and I could invite any 5 people (celebrity, group, character, etc) I would totally invite:

David Guetta would be my DJ for the evening because he’s a musical/dance genius
Kevin Bacon, as Ren from Footloose, would be my dance partner
Kristen Wiig would be my comedic relief – I imagine she’s fantastic at karaoke
Joseph Gordon Levitt – in his suit from Inception
Emma Stone – this gal is FIERCE – I’m in awe of most everything she does
& staying classy while she does it

A song that’s constantly on my playlists these days is:

“Blue Jeans” (RAC Remix) by Lana Del Rey 

My biggest goal for 2013:

I’ve got a weight loss project in front of me that needs to be tamed & mastered. 2013 is going to be the year I attempt to learn to love working out again. (In college I use to tell my roommate I’d had horrible dreams about running. Not running from something….just running). We have a very strong hate-hate relationship but I know that’s just because I’m not listening and being a good partner.

My 2013….

~ Carson ~

P.S. See who I was 6 months ago…


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  1. Love the “getting to know you” series! Brought a big smile to my face reading both of your interviews! xo!

  2. Yay! Love the post pretty lady. I can see you in a very cute running outfit right now! The girls weekend is ABSOLUTELY on my 2013 to do list. With our powers combined I think we can make it happen.
    I always love to see what IBPC is up to – keep up the great work ladies!


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