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Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas: Dinner + Theater

We all know that Magic Mike was a smash hit this past summer & as fun as it is to watch those dancers shake what their mommas gave them, it may not be for everyone. The Itty Bitty gals have a lovely alternative bachelorette party idea if strip clubs just aren’t your cup of tea. Treat yourself & your closest lady-friends to an evening of dinner & the theatre!

We had the honor of seeing a private bloggers preview of I Fart in My Sleep: Confessions of an Embarrassing Life put on by The Production Company at the Lex Theatre. Hello, we were sold as soon as we heard the title! Based on the life of, written and directed by Jennifer Sorenson, Jennifer reenacts events from her past (as embarrassing as they truly were) that just about every woman can relate to. Stories about awkward phases in middle school, college, sex, marriage, children, all complete with hilarious slideshow. We have to admit, we were shedding a tear or two from laughing so hard. It’s an honest look at what life as a woman is like, it’s good to share these embarrassing chronicles of our lives. It happens to all of us!

For a unique & thoughtful bachelorette party, take a look at your local theaters to see what upcoming shows are playing in your area. Also scope out the surrounding area for a near by restaurant to grab a bite & a drink before (or after to discuss your favorite parts) with your gal pals. The wait staff might even have a tidbit or two about the theatre & what’s showing!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, the show runs until Saturday, February 9. Enjoy this discount code for $10 off! Just enter “BLGR” when you check out at The Production Company or Brown Paper Tickets. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area (or even if you are), check out Jen’s blog I Fart in My Sleep this is where it all started!

I Fart in My Sleep

~ Kathleen ~


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