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We are two itty-bitty power houses. We run on ideas, inspiration and caffeine. We have a passion for what we do and we love ‘love’… and making it come together for our amazing clients.

We’re a duo who have taken our passion for party & wedding planning to the next level. With combined backgrounds in art and advertising we both found ourselves in the event world. We then made it official by becoming certified wedding & event planners.  Whether it’s an intimate baby shower with your best friends or a full scale wedding weekend – we’ve got it handled. Itty Bitty Party Committee is a full service wedding & event planning studio based in Los Angeles, California.

Certified for awesome events, and insured to have a good time! We’re both fully certified wedding & event planners, as well insured for events of any size.

And if you want to know more about us – check out our respective bio pages. Or you can read this shortened version about all the things we do together when we’re not planning events:

Kathleen & Carson are more often, than not:

  • Accidentally dressing in the same outfit
  • Knee deep in confetti
  • Having a dance party
  • Scouring antique stores
  • Going to (& Throwing) themed parties
  • Sitting in line at In N Out

Itty Bitty by Suzy VanDyke


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  1. I love how much personality you’ve inserted into your brand. I love your company name, and that is extended in everything you do (from your web copy to your Twitter feed). I love companies that highlight their people and not just their services! 🙂

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  3. I could write a book on how awesomely, receptive, responsive, responsible, respectful, understanding, courteous, well versed, well trained, subtle, stylish and in sync not to mention on time (that goes for vendors too with some itty bitty prodding), the Itty Bitty Party Committee was at my wedding. Our guests kept saying, “I have never seen a wedding flow so nicely, we’re having a blast.” My wife and I had the time of our lives. We as well as my Mom just plain said in regards to itty bitty, “Wow that was the best money we spent hands down.” Our day wouldn’t have been the same with out you two, THANKS! In a nutshell we couldn’t have felt more comfortable and confident on our special day. Thanks itty bitty.

    Josh & Mindy

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