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Carson’s love of planning events started at a young age, which is why she studied advertising & marketing during college. While she was in college, she grew tired of attending parties, functions and events where there was hardly a memorable moment at the party. Which is why she decided that when she would throw parties, there must be a theme (and if not a theme, at least creative invites)! After college, Carson relocated immediately to Los Angeles.

Carson realized she wanted to expand her knowledge on planning events and completed training in becoming a certified event and wedding planner. She and Kathleen then came up with the idea of Itty Bitty Party Committee and immediately launched into creating a fun and unique boutique event planning company that would bring their ideas to life and give their clients events that they would never forget. And they’ve never looked back.

Carson loves:
roller derby
greeting cards
playful sophistication

Carson strongly dislikes:
stuffy rooms
moldy things
catty comments
dust bunnies
cookie cutter events
standardized tests


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