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Kathleen has big ideas in a tiny *itty bitty* package.  From the hyper age of 8, theme parties have been the only way to celebrate (she thanks her parents for putting up with her and the latest fad that had to be monumentalized each year).  After receiving her BFA from the University of Notre Dame, she decided to put her creativity to use! She moved out to L.A. where she first met Carson. She then teamed up with Carson to throw some memorable shindigs.  After realizing they had a nack for it, the dynamic duo made an executive decision to make careers out of it.My "itty bitty" Pony

When Kathleen isn’t planning events, you can find her: 

  • making baked goods
  • sipping whiskey
  • collecting owl chachkies
  • reading comics (the uncanny x-men is a favorite)
  • enjoying the California sun
  • longing for football season to start back up
  • searching for fashion trends (style icon: Jem & the Holograms)
  • starting impromptu dance parties

Things you’ll never catch Kathleen doing:

  • eating beef
  • wearing pjs out in public
  • driving without her seatbelt
  • sending food back at a restaurant
  • wearing crocs
  • petting pigeons
  • showing up late (to any engagement)
  • sticking used gum under tables

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