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[Baby] iBaby Shower

Itty Bitty Party Committee was called upon to help create a truly unique baby shower for a first time mom who loved all things Apple + Mac. We instantly came up with the iBaby Shower theme! You’ll notice a ton if iPad & iPhone details floating around. We wanted it to still feel girly for baby Madeline, but we also wanted to highlight on her mom’s love for technology. We had a “Docking Station” where you could recharge & enjoys some apps! There was also a genius bar which had all sorts of lemonades & limeades ready to be enjoyed! The ladies also enjoyed numerous baby shower games such as Name That Price, What’s In Your Bag, and The Clip Game. Prizes for the games were fresh pink flowers for the ladies to take home & enjoy. The ladies also got to take cake-pops home as their favors!

iBaby Shower Banner

iBaby Shower Table

iBaby Shower: Docking StationiBaby Shower SweetsiBaby Shower Cake PopsiBaby Shower Refreshments
iBaby Shower Drinks
iBaby Shower Games


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