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[Social] First Annual HB Pub Golf Tournament

In January 2011, IBPC was asked to come up with a fun event for friends who wanted to spend a day in the sun while having a ridiculously good time. So we decided on the theme of pub golf. You know…the age ole college tradition of dressing up like golfers and playing through 9 holes (pubs) while competing in silly challenges along the way. The budget was small, but boy did we make it work! We made everything from score cards to party bags to custom invites and t-shirts for sale. With a group of 30 party goers – we kept everyone in Hermosa Beach in stitches over our outfits and everyone had a fantastic time. We will forever have timeless quotes from that day, as it was one of our most fun events to plan! We look forward to working with this group often!

First Annual Hermosa Beach Pub Golf Tournament

Pub Golfers In Their T-Shirts!

We Came To PAR-TEE

If you’re interested in planning an event like this for your friends, get in touch with us!


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