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It’s graduation season again (they grow up so fast!). The class of 2013 will be walking across the stage & moving on to the next chapter in life. Graduate school, high school, college, conquerors of kindergarden, we congratulate you all!

Aside from figuring out what gifts to give, what should you wear to all these celebrations? Itty Bitty has a few looks to keep you feeling & (most importantly) looking cool in the summer heat. Take a peek at these outfit ideas for the graduation ceremony & after party. Whether you’re sitting in the crowd cheering on a family member or making an appearance while the party is in full swing, you’ll be sure to look fabulous.

Ceremony Look 1

After Party Look 1Ceremony Look 2

Look 4



-At the Ceremony: Always have a travel tissue pack on hand, you never know who or when the waterworks will hit.

-At the After Party: Disposable cameras are a great novelty. Pass it around! Let it leave your sight for a bit & see what develops.

You’ve seen our positively purdy Prom fashions, now take a gander at our Grad wear. Carson is looking classy in her cap & gown. She’s shared her high school graduation photo (in the white gown) & is showing her Appalachian State pride when she graduated from college. Kathleen picked a photo of her standing in front of Riley Art & Design Hall at the University of Notre Dame. And who could resist cap-tassel mustaches?!

Grad Collage

Happy Graduation!

~ Kathleen ~


Inspirational Thursday

Sprinkle Bakes: Pink Vanilla Pocky Cake

This yummy treat (Pocky Cake) conjures up sweet bridal & baby shower ideas!

~ Carson ~

Super Bowl Sunday: Quick Party Fixes

Good morning football fans! Super Bowl Sunday is upon us & we’re sharing just a few of our favorite quick snacks & decorations with you. We’ve all had the realization before “that event was TODAY?!” Assembling a last minute game watch is no sweat, the items we’re sharing are fast & festive! If you have guests coming over to watch the big game, you can still add some sporty touches to your party-in-a-pinch.

Printables are great for last minute decorations. If there is ink in your printer, there’s still time! Add these mason jar covers to snacks sweetly arranged in little jars. We love the simple playful design from Spaceships & Laser Beams Etsy shop.

Football DIY Printable Collection

If you’re looking for disposable food containers, labels, or decorative bags then look no further! There are a ton of stadium snack inspired printables from Hostess with the Mostess. Fill your game day space with these football field snack baskets. Just download the PDF, print, assemble & your guests will be cheering you on! You’ve also just saved time on clean up.

Football Party Printables

Looking for a quick appetizer? You’ve heard the phrase “bacon makes everything better” before. Well, it’s true. Bacon does make everything better. Serve bacon on its own or accompanied with home fries served in pint glasses with this recipe from Tide & Thyme. Beer Candied Bacon only takes 10mins, so if you have a little extra bacon in the house you have time to make an appetizer that will cause your guests’ taste-buds to do a touchdown dance.

Beer Candied Bacon

If your sweet tooth is calling the plays, whip up a batch of these adorable football Brownie Whoopie Pies from Created by Diane. If you have a box of brownie mix in the house, you have a winning dessert! Use a football cookie cutter or a hand-drawn template to make the football shape, bake & assemble with frosting. With the brownie batter baking for only 15-20mins, you’ll be passing these decadent football pies around in no time.

Brownie Whoopie Pie

Three cheers for football, food & friends! Last minute decorations can bring your party to a whole new level (and no one has to know you didn’t slave over every detail). Don’t forget to take a look at our previous football party & tailgating tips that we came up with earlier this year.

~ Carson & Kathleen ~

You’re Engaged! …Now What?

Tis’ the season for engagements, what an exciting time! There are so many things to plan & think about all at once! Since this period of time can turn into a whirlwind, we’ve created a check-list with key milestones & ideas to reference once you’ve called your loved ones to give them the good news. If you have a friend who is newly engaged, congratulate them with some of the gift suggestions Carson posted last month!

Love via Style Me Pretty

The Announcement – We all know the first thing to do is call your bestie & immediate family members (prepare for squeals & tears of joy). But how should you tell everyone else the great news? Calling every contact in your phone could take forever & updating your Facebook status is just a small part. Think outside the box! Send a custom postcard. If you’re tech savvy, make a short video & email it out.

Bridesmaids – If your bridesmaids are spread across the country, send a group email introducing them all to each other. If you haven’t chosen your bridesmaids yet, take a day or two to compile a list & discuss with your fiance how many people you’d like in your ideal wedding party & if there are family members either of you would like to include.

Wedding Email Address – Create an email account that both you & your fiance can access. This is a great organizational tool to keep all important venue contacts, vendor contracts & email drafts conveniently located in one place without getting lost amongst your personal inbox. Your address could be something as easy as Sites like MyWedding & The Knot offer services where you can create both a wedding website & an email address.

Set A Date & Book A Venue – This may be the biggest hurdle regarding your wedding day, but it’s the most important. Discuss when you would like to hold your wedding. Make sure to consider factors such as: work schedules, previously booked travel dates (maybe a friend’s wedding you’ve already rsvp-ed to), special holidays or consider the “off-season” which may have more availability & lower cost. We wrote about why we love winter weddings not that long ago! The right venue will set the mood, convey your theme & should portray your personalities. Make sure to ask venues about available dates, payment plans, packages & unique features. It’s also important there’s enough room for your guests to boogie down!

Wedding Promise – With all the craziness going on, take time to sit with your fiance & write down what is most important to you. Not just the floral arrangements & cake. Write what you both vow to keep in mind no matter how stressful situations may get or how many people staying at your house the week of the wedding are driving you crazy. Reinforcing these key foundations will help you support each other through the thick & thin of planning!

Engagement Party – Traditionally thrown by the bride’s parents (but a member of the family or close friend is completely acceptable), remind your host that engagement parties can be casual & that your wedding is the formal celebration. You don’t have to have a fancy sit-down dinner. Think about hiring a food truck, passed appetizers, a taco stand or a small catering company to provide food for your guests. If you want a more unique feel, set up a dessert bar or finger-sandwiches. Delicious and adorable!

Remember to enjoy this stage of your relationship, the engagement is only a short while!

~ Kathleen ~

Alternative Bachelorette Party Ideas: Dinner + Theater

We all know that Magic Mike was a smash hit this past summer & as fun as it is to watch those dancers shake what their mommas gave them, it may not be for everyone. The Itty Bitty gals have a lovely alternative bachelorette party idea if strip clubs just aren’t your cup of tea. Treat yourself & your closest lady-friends to an evening of dinner & the theatre!

We had the honor of seeing a private bloggers preview of I Fart in My Sleep: Confessions of an Embarrassing Life put on by The Production Company at the Lex Theatre. Hello, we were sold as soon as we heard the title! Based on the life of, written and directed by Jennifer Sorenson, Jennifer reenacts events from her past (as embarrassing as they truly were) that just about every woman can relate to. Stories about awkward phases in middle school, college, sex, marriage, children, all complete with hilarious slideshow. We have to admit, we were shedding a tear or two from laughing so hard. It’s an honest look at what life as a woman is like, it’s good to share these embarrassing chronicles of our lives. It happens to all of us!

For a unique & thoughtful bachelorette party, take a look at your local theaters to see what upcoming shows are playing in your area. Also scope out the surrounding area for a near by restaurant to grab a bite & a drink before (or after to discuss your favorite parts) with your gal pals. The wait staff might even have a tidbit or two about the theatre & what’s showing!

If you’re in the Los Angeles area, the show runs until Saturday, February 9. Enjoy this discount code for $10 off! Just enter “BLGR” when you check out at The Production Company or Brown Paper Tickets. If you’re not in the Los Angeles area (or even if you are), check out Jen’s blog I Fart in My Sleep this is where it all started!

I Fart in My Sleep

~ Kathleen ~

Cake & Valley: A Spooktacular Look

It’s time to check in with our two favorite fashionistas: Cake & Valley! Today these lovely ladies have some not-so scary Halloween outfits put together for you. They’ve helped us out before with tricky looks like the Day Time Wedding, along with what to wear to a bridal shower pt 1 & pt 2.

For all of us who have ever worked in an office setting before (aka: cubical land), we know that dressing up for Halloween is a refreshing way to spice up the work week with a little holiday cheer. It breaks up the monotony & it’s fun to show how festive co-workers can get with a small celebration. However, there are always a few cubical mates that pick a, well, uhh shall we say…less than appropriate costume. Wearing cat ears to work is fine. Wearing cat ears & a lace bodice may be NSFW. Cake & Valley have the perfect pieces & suggestions to show your love of Halloween in a professional setting.

Cake & Valley's spooky looks

The first look is a non-witchy witch outfit & the second is a non-boo ghoul get up. When Cake & Valley styled these looks, they were adamant that each piece selected be something that they did not purchase in a Halloween store or costume shop. Saving both money & time (not to mention skipping the unpleasant oder of the smelly rubber mask aisle). Plus, you’ll be deemed the super creative co-worker who whipped up an outfit from all the fabulous items in your closet. These two looks certainly aren’t the only way to dress up for Halloween, but they might just be some of the most fun & creative.

Cake’s non-costume is a witch inspired look that is a combination of fall style & traditional Halloween colors, black & orange. She has chosen a long skirt, boots & a high neck top which are enough witch details to give a magical visual representation. No need for the pointy hat or the broom! To step up her look, Cake added some extra chic items: a black fur muff & a rhinestone collar necklace. One last minute addition of a leather peplum belt makes it ultra modern chic. With this ensemble, everyone at work will be under her spell!
Cake's witchy outfit
Cake's witchy outfit
Cake's witchy outfit
Valley has layered on the white to get the ghouly look for her Halloween office attire. Assembling this look is great for your favorite white dress that’s been tucked away in the closet after Labor Day. Pick a dress with a summer-y feel, you really want it to flow! Valley’s dress is light chiffon & even has a little cap that floats behind her as she walks. If you have a white coat or cardi on hand, make sure to layer these over the dress too. Next, grab any skull detail items you might have, thick opaque black tights & a blood-red ring to top off this scream worthy look.  Valley just needs to float in & out of all the offices, flicker a few lights & she’ll be giving all her co-workers the ghostly chills!
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Valley's ghostly get-up
Be sure to check in daily with these two lovely ladies & find out what they’re using their fashion-twin powers for on their blog Cake & Valley. They’re simply fabulous!

~ Kathleen ~

Party Theme: Halloween

Trick or Treat! We pick treats! Halloween is near & we have tips & tricks (oh, I guess we pick both, Tricks AND Treats) for your spooky gathering. We’ve got inspiration for everything Halloween related just short of the hayride (we love those!). Whether it’s a full blown haunted house or just hanging out eating all the candy before you get a chance to pass it out, Itty Bitty has recommendations to make your Halloween monster-mash bash a hit!


Ramp up the spook factor with unique potion centerpieces. These eerie elixirs will set the Halloween mood while bringing a little elegance to your table scape. With these large focal points, you won’t need too many extra decorations. Set these on top of a burlap runner & grab some fall foliage, twigs or corn husks from your backyard (…or neighbor’s yard).  Martha Stewart constructed these amazing pieces with just a few items: specimen jars, dried pods & water with food coloring.

Petrifying Potions by Martha Stewart

If your All Hallows-Eve is more casual, this oversized (yet festive) sweatshirt is perfect for the fall chill in the air. Relaxed fit, but still on point with the skull detail for a themed get together. Check it out at Urban Outfitters.

Urban Outfitters cutout sweatshirt

Looking for a tasty treat that’s better for you than fun sized candy (or want a legitimate “grown up” dinner so you have an excuse to eat a pound of candy later)? Whip up some pumpkin soup! This silky concoction from My Recipes is perfect for fall & will warm you to the core. Serve inside a hollowed out pumpkin to send your autumn atmosphere meter through the roof.

Pumpkin Soup

Spooky eggs in the morning kick the day off right! Get your protein & your spirits in before the day starts. Surprise your significant other with a little themed breakfast in bed. Make it a complete breakfast by serving it with pumpkin pancakes & a side of fresh boo-berries (sorry, we couldn’t help ourselves).

Ghost Eggs

Whooo made these delightful little cookies?! These are perfect to bring to a Halloween party because they’re portable & double as decorations. We find these owl cookies are almost too precious to eat. Grab some orange, black & brown frosting, print the owl pattern from Sunset Magazine & add a little candy corn beak!

Owl Cookies

Don’t forget the pooch! This outfit may be a teenage dream, but it’s fit for a pup. Your dog has always wanted to be a California Girl & now they can be while they escort the kiddos from house to house. Ok honestly, we really just wanted to post this because it’s a dog in a wig. A DOG in a WIG!

Pup-a-Razzi Dog Costume

Happy Halloween!

~ Kathleen ~