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We’re Trending…How About You? 2012 Trend Predictions

It’s that time of year…everyone is making their big predictions for what will be “in” for the 2012 wedding season and my, oh, my! This is the year of the bold & the beautiful – that’s for sure. Everyone has already given the thumbs up for Tangerine to be Pantone’s official color of the year and we’re already seeing tangerine popping up in inspiration boards around the globe. Yummy!

It’s officially time for us to throw our 2 cents into the ring on what’s going to set this wedding season apart from all the others;

1. Refined Elegance is back. Rustic chic will always have a warm place in our hearts and our DIY dreams – but Kate Middleton is the spearhead behind this campaign. Sure, the Royal Wedding may be over but that doesn’t mean girls are ready to give up the chance to be a princess in their very own fairytale. We’re expecting to say the return of the ballgown, the long veils & grand venues.

Portfoilo by Samuelle

2. Cocktail & Black Tie attire will make a come back. A wedding is a grand event, regardless of location or style. But wanting your guests to be just as glammed up for your big day as you are? You bet. And if any part of the event is after 6pm – it’s cocktail attire regardless. We can’t wait to see everyone dressed the 9’s. Cheers!

Multifold Sophisticate Dress by ModCloth

3. Food Trucks. Let’s face it – we’ve all taken the RSVP out of a wedding invite and painstakingly thought about whether we’ll be choosing fish, beef or a vegetarian meal…well, not so much in 2012. Food trucks have been growing in popularity over the last few years, but we’re betting you’re going to see more and more of your favorite trucks at upcoming nuptials. Brides & Grooms are going to be ready to send shout outs to their favorite food trucks by allowing them to be the big highlight of the reception. What says “Happy Wedding” like an In N’ Out burger in your best heels??

Bride & Groom + In N' Out Truck - All You Need Is Love Events

4. Speaking of cocktail attire, Classic Cocktails will be making a stir at social gatherings this year.  Perhaps it’s inspired by the Mad Men craze, or maybe it’s the dapper-factor that comes from holding a vintage cocktail in your hand, or maybe it’s just because a Manhattan tastes so delicious.  Classic cocktails give off a more elegant feel than the run of the mill brew or bottle of house wine. These bevies will definitley add to the ambiance of the Refined Elegance trend.  Expect to see vintage drinks shakin’ things up!  Guests will be hanging out with Tom Collins, Gin Rickey, and Pimms.  You know, Old Fashioned kind of guys.


5. Terrariums won’t fully replace bouquets in any way, but they will make for an amazing “living” center piece. Anything from succulents to live fungi to garden herbs can be arranged in a beautiful and delicate way. Some florists have this in their repertoire like Poppies and Posies, pictured below. If you can’t find a florist that does, you can try your hand (or green thumb) at making your own with West Elm’s collection of glass bubble hanging terrariums.


6. Swans.  Not the giant live bird that waddles down the aisle (what’s that famous rule? “Never work with children or animals”?).  We’re predicting that swan print is going to be this year’s hot new animal print.  Party-goers can don a casual dress with swan print, like the one featured from Zara.  Causal and surprisingly whimsy, dress this print up with a delicate piece of jewelry or a pair of stunning shoes.  Honk if you love swans!


We’re so excited to see 2012 unfold before us and we cannot see which of these trends take off! Which of these trends speaks to you??

~ Kathleen & Carson ~


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  1. My husband is a magician ( and he’s booking more and more shows for cocktail hour. Seems like having something to break the ice with guests and really pump up the energy at a party is going to be even more important in 2012. Very classy, signature cocktail, nice suits, and a magician- very fun vibe!

    I personally love the food truck idea too!!!

  2. Oh fun!! I love the whole princess gowns idea 😉


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